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330 GT Single Bag Toolkit

There is no definitive source for what tool bag or tools came with a specific car unless you bought it new and kept everything intact.

So given that this is a problematic area, I'll try to put down what I have found out over the last year trying to obtain a complete toolkit for my car.  To start, let's look at some pictures.

ToolkitOM.JPG (1053240 bytes)

Toolkit as shown in the 330 GT Owner's Manual
This is the same picture as in the 250 GTE manual, 
thus is probably not very accurate for a 330 GT.

Original toolkit in a 4HL car ready for delivery on November 1, 1964.
Picture courtesy of Marcel Massini.


Toolkit as shown in the 330 GT Parts Manual 05/66 version

This drawing is much clearer, but not necessarily more accurate.  However, it's a good place to start since everything is clearly marked and visible.  There's a web page for each tool that has more details, usually with a picture of an original.

  1. Tool Bag

  2. 16-17mm open end wrench

  3. 18-19mm open end wrench

  4. 20-22mm open end wrench

  5. 21-23mm open end wrench

  6. Pliers

  7. 150mm straight blade screwdriver

  8. 500 gm steel mechanic's hammer

  9. Oil filter wrench

  10. Spark plug wrench

  11. Jack

  12. Carburetor wrench

  13. Grease gun extension

  14. 8-9mm open end wrench

  15. 10-11mm open end wrench

  16. 12-13mm open end wrench

  17. Grease gun flexible hose

  18. 120mm straight blade screwdriver

  19. Fan belt

  20. 1 kg lead hammer

  21. Grease gun

  22. Hub puller

  23. Ball bearing for hub puller

  24. 5-9mm Philips screwdriver

  25. 4mm Philips screwdriver

    Items not shown in drawing:
    Fiamm oil bottle and box
    Emergency window crank handle
    Emergency Light

Here's a fully loaded toolkit.  It weights about 26 lbs. (12 kg.) with all of the tools in it.