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Grease Gun and Fan Belts

The 330 GT chassis has a number of places that need to be greased periodically.  With that in mind, Ferrari supplied a grease gun along with 2 adaptors as needed.  The flexible extension hose is used for most fittings.  The short extension is used to grease the U-joint between the differential and the drive shaft.  A plug is removed and the extension screwed in.  Then the flexible hose is used as normal.  After greasing, the extension is removed and the plug is re-installed.  This is all necessary as there isn't room for a grease fitting to be mounted on the U-joint permanently.

Ferrari models before the 330 all used button type grease fittings.  At some point, Ferrari changed to the Zerk style fittings.  The 05/66 parts manual, which came out for the interim (4HL/5 speed) model, shows Zerk fittings at the chassis grease points.  So most certainly by 6911, the first interim car, the tool kit would have the hoses for a Zerk fitting.  Cars before that would have the appropriate hoses that match the fittings installed on the car.

Original Grease Gun

Reproduction Grease Gun (Parker Hall)

Original Flexible Hose for a button fittingReproduction Flexible Hose
for a button fitting(Parker Hall)
Original Driveshaft Extension
with a reproduction button fitting
Reproduction Driveshaft Extension
with a button fitting
(Parker Hall)
Original Flexible Hose for a Zerk fittingReproduction Flexible Hose
for a Zerk fitting(Parker Hall)
Original Driveshaft Extension
with a Zerk fitting
Reproduction Driveshaft Extension
with a Zerk fitting
(Parker Hall)

A car without the air conditioning or power steering options has a single fan belt.  On the early cars, it actually turns a fan in addition to the alternator and water pump.  The later cars have electric fans, so the belt isn't actually a 'fan' belt.  Cars with air conditioning have an additional two belts and power steering adds another two.  So if the original owner sprung for all of the options, the toolkit should have 5 belts, two for the A/C, two for the P/S and the last for the alternator.  The original fan belt were made by Pirelli and had either cardboard or paper around the center.  The belt would also have a Pirelli label on the outside of the belt.  The A/C belts were made by Vulco (Vulco Truflex 2405).  The P/S belts were made by Continental (Continental Ultraflex 9.5x8.25x700).

Mechanical Fan BeltOriginal Paper Wrapper
Later Plastic Wrapper
The 2017 belts are for the early 330 GT engines with the belt driven fan
Fanbelt3.JPG (187210 bytes)
Fan Belt and Wrapper from SN 8755Reproduction Cardboard Wrapper (Parker Hall)
Fanbelt2.JPG (156604 bytes)Fanbelt1.JPG (147079 bytes)

Markings on Pirelli Belt

 Since the cars were equipped with a Fiamm air horn, the toolkit would contain a small plastic bottle in a box with the correct weight oil for the air compressor.

Fiamm oil bottle and box
Reproduction Fiamm oil bottle and box  (Parker Hall)