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330 GT Models

Record models
esin models made in France.

Record Series IRecord Series II

HV Mod models
hite metal kits made in the UK.

BBR models
Resin models made in Italy.

BBR Series I (BBR 114)
1000-1500 made for all colors

BBR 114A - Red

BBR 114B - Green

BBR 114C - Silver

BBR 114D - Black
Special run of 100 in 1998 for Roger Imboden, owner of SN 6323
Pictures courtesy of Christian Rauch

Special run of 4 for Fritz Leirer, owner of SN 7161
Released 1998
Painted in original color from paint supplied by owner
Picture courtesy of Christian Rauch

CAR 40EF1 - SN 7161
As pictured when owned by Enzo Ferrari, December 8,1965.
Run of 200, released 2018.
Notice the alloy wheels and radio antenna

CAR 40LB2 - SN 7161
As pictured July 5, 2017
Run of 20, Red leather base, released 2018.

CAR 40EF3 - SN 7161
As pictured at Ferrari Club Suisse lunch, 2011
Run of 52, released 2018.

BR 114SA - SN 5889
As seen at 2005 OGP, Nürburging, Germany
Run of 15, Red leather base
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars

BR 114SB - SN 6393
As seen at 2006 Techno Classica, Essen, Germany
Run of 15, Red leather base
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars

BR 114SC - SN 6097
Run of 15, Red leather base

Commissioned by RGM Modelcars
BBR made a model of John Lennon's 330 GT (6781)
Two versions, one with sunroof closed and the other with it open.
Release 7/2011
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars

Run of 100, Standard base

Run of 20, Red leather base
BBR has made the same model only in 1:18 scale

BBR 1834 - Open roof
Run of 300
Release date 8/2016

BBR 1834B - Closed roof
Run of 200
Release date 11/2016

BBR 1813 Series
1:18 scale, Release 1/2018

SN 6077
BBR 1813A in Light Metallic Blue
Run of 48 display
Jay Leno personal car

SN 5889
BBR 1813B in Iron Metallic Grey 790
Run of 48
As seen at Old Ttime Grand Prix in 2005

BBR 1813C in Metallic Red Rubino
Run of 16
Special Ferrari 70th Anniversary
Same mold as 1834 open roof

BBR 1832 Series
1:18 scale, Release 2/2017

SN 5731
BBR 1832V in Red
Run of 200 display

SN 5731
BBR 1832 in Red
Run of 200 non-display

SN 5349
BBR 1832B in Grigio Fumo
Run of 32 display

SN 5349
BBR 1832B in Grigio Fumo
Run of 32 non-display

SN 5701
BBR 1832C in Metallic Gold
Run of 32 non-display

SN 5701
BBR 1832CV in Metallic Gold
Run of 32 display

Enzo Ferrari's 330 GT (4963)
BBR 1832DV in Verde Speciale

Run of 200 display

Enzo Ferrari's 330 GT (4963)
BBR 1832D in Verde Speciale
Run of 200 non-display

BBR 1832EV
Run 32 display in Dark

BBR 1832E
Run of 32 non-display in Dark

BBR 1832F
Run of 16 in Dark Blue w/Red interior


BBR Series I
(BBR 257)
Released 10/2017

BBR 257A - Red

BBR 257B - Black

BBR 257C - Metallic Gold

BBR 257D- Green
S/N 4963

Deluxe Version Released 1/2018

BBR 257ADL - Red
Brown Leather Base
Run of 35

BBR 257BDL - Black
Brown Leather Base
Run of 10

BBR 257BDL - Black
Red Leather Base
Run of 10

BBR 257CDL - Metallic Gold
Brown Leather Base
Run of 5

BBR 257CDL - Metallic Gold
Red Leather Base
Run of 5

BBR Series II (BBR 051)
This Series II model isn't very accurate.  It has the louvered vents, incorrect front turn signals, no bumper overriders and the fuel filler on the wrong side.

BBR 051A - Red

BBR 051B - Blue

BBR 051C - Green

BBR 051D - Dark Gray

BBR 051E - Silver

SN 8731 - Metallic Silver
Run of 3
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars
BBR created a special series of 50 to celebrate Paulo Tron's 30th anniversary of model making.  Quite unique with a luggage rack and luggage.
BBR Paulo Tron (BBR 051V)
Run of 50
Release  2006

BBR RGM22 - Metallic Blue
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars

Commissioned by RGM Modelcars - Metallic Green

BBR CSO 36- Black/Tan
Run of 20 - Release 2009

Commissioned by Calsito Models

BBR created a second version (BBR 227) of the Series II model
They corrected the errors mentioned above.
The first 6 (A-F) were available in both the standard base and a deluxe tan Cuoio leather base.

BBR 227ALB - Metallic Blue (leather base shown)
Run of 20 - No bumper overriders
Release 3/2010

BBR 227B - Red (standard base shown)
Run of 20
Release 3/2010

BBR 227C - Metallic Light Green
Release 3/2010

BBR 227D - Metallic Metal Blue
No bumper overriders
Release 6/2010

BBR 227E - Dark Metallic Blue
Release 9/2010

BBR 227F - Metallic Gray
(leather base shown)
Release 9/2010
The following four special versions were commissioned by RGM Modelcars.
They were available in a standard black plastic base (run of 10) or a red leather base (run of 20).

BBR 227 GO - SN 8855
As seen at the 2004 FCA National Concours
Release 3/2010

BBR 227 SBL - SN 8363
Release 3/2010

BBR 227 SRM - SN 9033
Release 5/2010

BBR 227 SLG - SN 8551
As seen at the 2005 FCA National Concours
Release 5/2010
BBR released a model of the 1967 Le Mans Pace Car
This is based on the BBR227 mold.
Commissioned by RGM Modelcars

Release 5/2011
Run of 20

Release 5/2011
Run of 100

ADB model
Metal kit

The pictures of the ADB model are courtesy of Mike Adams (SN 7815), who out-bid me on eBay for it!  This all metal model made in Italy is fairly accurate except for the location of the Pininfarina emblems on the side.  It does have an opening hood thus showing off the V-12 engine within.

Since then, I found and purchased an unbuilt kit of the ADB model.  So when I get some time, I'll be able to put the PF emblems where they should be.

Provence Moulage model

In 1995, Provence Moulage, France, brought out a resin kit of a Series II car.  It is pretty accurate with the only discrepancy I've noted is the gas filler is on the right side (as if it were a Series I) instead of the left side.  It's interesting that the dash is like the Series I car (twin air vents with the heater lever in the center).  Early Series II cars did continue to have the Series I dash (until supplies were exhausted?) so the model is accurate.  So now I have two kits to build.

Ministar model

A 1:43 scale resin model, evidently based on SN 5755 given the Swiss registration number.  The grille leaves a lot to be desired and the rear reflectors are mounted horizontally, though in period pictures of 5755 they are mounted that way.

AMR model

In 1987, AMR put out a model of the 2 headlight 330 GT.  It was made in red, white, burgundy, dark blue, light blue and yellow.





Light Blue

Dark Blue

500 total made

Speciale model cars
There have also been some models of the speciale cars built on a 330 GT chassis.

Ilaro 43020M - SN 7979, The Golden Car by Drogo
350 made
Ilaro - SN 7979, now in red livery
350 made
Park Plastics - SN 7979
BBR 111 - SN 6109, Michelotti Special (original color)
BBR 111B - SN 6109, Michelotti Special (painted dark red in 1976)
200 made

BBR 111C - SN 6109, Michelotti Special

BBR 111D - SN 6109, Michelotti Special Soft Top

BBR 167A - SN 9083, Michelotti coupè Red

BBR 167B - SN 9083, Michelotti coupè Metallic Red

BBR 178A - SN 7963, Shooting Brake Special
1970 "Turin Motor Show", Metallic Green
Released 5/2006 - 40 made

BBR 178B - 1970 Sand Gold
50 made

BBR 178C - 1972 Red
140 made

BBR 178D - 1996 Metallic Green/Yellow
140 made

BBR 178E - 1968 Brown and Gold
40 made
ABC #56 Brianza built 1:43 - SN 7963
500 made
Pictures courtesy of Christian Rauch

330 America Models

BBR models
Resin models made in Italy.

- SN 5037
26 made
Released 2013

CAR27B - 2004 Concorso Italiano - SN 5049
18 made
Released 2013

- Las Vegas 1987 - SN 5061
18 made
Released 2013

CAR27D - 2015 FCA annual meet - SN 4969
72 made
Released 11/2017

If you have interest in Ferrari models, I suggest that a good starting point on the web is www.ferrarimodelsclub.it.