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S/N 5061 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
5061330 America5061685LHDAzzurro acrilico 20336 ItalverM/W
4 Speed w/OD 508F1716/62USLight Blue VM 3015Metal dash
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Import1963?Azzurro acrilico 20336 Italver
Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc. CTUSALight Blue VM 3015
Purchase1 WireAzzurro acrilico 20336 Italver
Unknown NVUSALight Blue VM 3015
Norman Brooks CAUSA
Bob Fleming USABlack
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1973  31692 Mi+2WireSilver
Greg Prorock OHUSABlackK 11814/OH
Rebuild1974/05WireEngine rebuild
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1975/02/26Wire4 Wire wheels restored by Dayton Wheel Products $640
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1975/06/04WireNew ANSA exhaust $275.
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1975/08/18WireHirschmann HIT 7600 electric antenna installed
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1978/10/29WireSanyo FT 1490A Car Stereo Player installed
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
Other1986/05/09WireYellowBattery replaced under warrenty
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack903 HYD/OH
For Sale1986/05/17$22500  41000 MiWireYellowMechanical & cosmetic restoration. Rebuilt engine
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
For Sale1986/07/26$18000  41000 MiWireYellow
Greg Prorock OHUSABlack
John Rector NVUSA
For Sale1989/10/14$150000  46000 MiWireYellow
John Rector NVUSABlack
M. G. Crepaldi Automobili S.a.s. MOItalyBlack
Paul Baber UKBlack
For Sale1998/10/24$49000WireAzzurroRestored by Crepaldi/Milan 1990
Paul Baber UKBlack
Purchase1998+2WireLight Metallic Blue
Miguel de Mello PortugalBlack
Purchase1998+3Light Metallic Blue
Unknown ItalyBlack
Copyright  2003 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Auction2003/12/19$60550  44739 MiSilver Blue MetallicSold, Lot 279 at Gstaad, Switzerland auction, 66,000 SFr.
Bonhams UK
Copyright  2003 Bonhams 1793 Ltd. 
Purchase2003/12/19$60550  44739 Mi+1WireSilver Blue66,000 SFr + commission
Stephen Patti TXUSABlack
Other2004/04Registered in TX
Restore2005/02/02Azzurro acrilico 20336 ItalverNew metal from firewall forward, paint and interior. Restoration completed 2/2009.
Stephen Patti TXUSALight Blue VM 3015
Owned2006/01/06Azzurro acrilico 20336 Italver
Stephen Patti TXUSALight Blue VM 3015
Stephen Patti TXUSA
Owned2008/01/27Azzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Stephen Patti TXUSABlu 3015 VM
Owned2008/03/29WireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Stephen Patti TXUSABlu 3015 VM
Restore2009/02Azzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver4 year restoration completed.
Symbolic Motor Car Company CAUSABlu 3015 VM
Owned2009/02/15Azzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Stephen Patti TXUSABlu 3015 VM
For Sale2009/03/22$279000WireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 ItalverJust restored by Symbolic
Stephen Patti TXUSABlu 3015 VM/Light Blue
Purchase2009/11  44739 Mi+2WireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Tony Best LiecUKBlu 3015 VM/Light Blue
Owned2010/01/03  44865 MiWireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Tony Best LiecUKBlu 3015 VM/Light Blue
Owned2011/08/20WireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 Italver
Tony Best LiecUKBlu 3015 VM/Light BluePTF 64B/UK
Owned2012/01/04  45000 MiWireAzzurro Acrilico 20336 ItalverSubstantial work on the front suspension, gearbox, and engine.
Tony Best LiecUKBlu 3015 VM/Light BluePTF 64B/UK
Copyright  2012 Paul HarrisOther2012/07/08WireLight BlueAt FOC National Concours, Boughton House, Northamptonshire, UK.
Unknown UKBluePTF 64B/UK
Copyright  2012 Paul Harris 
Article2014/02WireLight BlueArticle in Auto Bild Sportscar, 2/2014, p108.
Unknown GermanyBlue/BlueKS GT 330/Germany
Article2014/08WireLight BlueArticle in German Ferrari World, #92, p48.
Unknown GermanyBlue

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