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S/N 4969 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
4969330 America4969652LHDMarrone 20325 It.M/W
4 Speed w/OD 508F1862/62EUSBeige VM 321840 DCL/6 carbs, Metal dash
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Other1963/11/12WireMarrone 20325 It.Date of manufacture per Heritage Certificate 3042
SEFAC SpA MOItalyBeige VM 3218
Import1964WireMarrone 20325 It.
Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc. CTUSABeige VM 3218
Consigned1964WireMarrone 20325 It.
Rezzaghi Motors CAUSABeige VM 3218
Purchase19641 WireMarrone 20325 It.
George Neary CAUSABeige VM 3218
Rezzaghi Motors CAUSA
Purchase1967WireRepossessed in bankruptcy of estate of Rezzaghi
Golden Gate National Bank CAUSA
Purchase1967/06/16$40252 WireFrom bankruptcy sale
Henry Garbutt CAUSA
Henry Garbutt CAUSA
Owned1993/10  60000 MiWireSable
Henry Garbutt CAUSASable Brown
Other1994/08/23WireAt Gathering of the GTEs, Monterey, CA
Henry Garbutt CAUSA
Henry Garbutt CAUSALight TanMJR 020/CA
Purchase2003/09/24  66000 Mi3 WireSable Brown
Michael Greenspan CTUSALight Tan
Michael Greenspan CTUSA
Rebuild2004/07WireSable BrownEngine rebuild complete by Francois Sicard.
Michael Greenspan CTUSATan
Other2005WireSable BrownNew interior
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream
Owned2006/01/15WireSable Brown
Michael Greenspan CTUSA
Other2006/10/21WireSable BrownAt Tom Yang's East Coast party, Stamford, NY
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/Brown613 TEO/CT
Audio2007/06/23WireSable Browntomyang.net podcast
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/CT
Other2007/09/30  69875 MiWireSable BrownAt Festa di Ferrari, Stamford, CT.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream613 TEO/CT
Concours2008/06/15WireSable BrownSilver CL award at the Hartford Concours d'Elegance, Hartford, CT.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream
Owned2009/02/15WireSable Brown
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream
Other2009/05/02WireSable BrownAt Radcliffe/Tomyang.net spring party, Reisterstown, MD.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream
Concours2009/06/15WireSable BrownSilver CL award at the Concours d'Elegance, Hartford, CT.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream
Concours2009/06/21WireSable BrownMiller Motor Car award, Hartford Concours d'Elegance, Hartford, CT.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACreamGT-4969/CT
Other2010/06/20WireSable BrownAt Hartford Concours, Hartford, CT
Michael Greenspan CTUSACreamGT-4969/CT
Concours2010/09/11WireSable BrownAt Fairfield County Concours d'Elegance, Fairfield County Hunt Club, Westport, CT.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACreamGT-4969/CT
Owned2012/03/10WireSable BrownWire wheels redone by Cork Adams.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACreamGT-4969/CT
Copyright  2013 Tom YangOther2013/09/12WireSable BrownAt Tom Yang's for some work.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/CT
Copyright  2013 Tom Yang 
Other2015/08/15WireSable BrownAt Concorso Italiano, Blackhorse Golf Course, Monterey, CA
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/CT
Concours2015/08/17WireSable BrownPlatinum award in preservation class 1959 to 1972, Ferrari Club of America International Meet, Nicklaus Golf Club, Monterey, CA
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/CT
Copyright  2015 Tom YangOther2015/12WireSable BrownClassiche certification inspection
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/NY
Copyright  2015 Tom Yang  Copyright  2015 Tom Yang  Copyright  2015 Tom Yang 
Copyright  2015 Tom YangOther2015/12WireSable BrownAt Siscard's shop for carburator rebuild.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/NY
Owned2016/02/02WireSable BrownCarbs being rebuilt by Pierce Manifold.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/NY
Other2017/11WireSable BrownBBR model 27D released. 4969 as seen at FCA 2015 annual meet, Monterey, CA.
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/NY
Owned2018/01/27WireSable Brown
Michael Greenspan CTUSACream/BrownGT-4969/NY

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