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S/N 8201 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
8201330 GT 2 Headlight8201LHDGrigio Argento 20265 A. It.P/W
5 Speed 571/65USNero FranziSeries I dash
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Import1966WireGrigio Argento 20265 A. It.
Franco-Britannic Autos Ltd. FranceNero Franzi
Purchase1966/011 Grigio Argento 20265 A. It.
Pierre Guichenne FranceNero Franzi
Purchase+1WireSilver Gray
Henry Hüni Automobile AG SwitzerlandBlack
Purchase1972/04/19$4060+2WireSilver GrayCHF 15500.
Rob de la Rive Box AargauSwitzerlandBlack
Purchase1972/04/28$4200+3WireSilver Gray
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSABlack
Other1973/06/03WireAt FCA Annual Meet, Waterford Hills, MI
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSA
Other1973/09/16At Hoosier Swap Meet, Indianapolis, IN
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSA
Other1973At FCA Central States Region Annual Dinner, Tosi's, MI
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSA
For Sale1974/08$8500Wire
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSA
For Sale1974/09/08$8500Wire
G. F. Leydorf Jr., CM MIUSA
For Sale1977/08  36000 MiWireSilver
Paul Nawrocki MIUSABlack
Other1978/01Wanted alloy wheels and A/C system for 8201.
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
Roy Tottingham CAUSA
For Sale1995/05/13$35000  45000 MiWireSilver
Roy Tottingham CAUSABlack
For Sale1995/11/25$33000WireSilver
Roy Tottingham CAUSABlack
Other1996/10/25Silver Gray MetallicAt Ferraris At "Tutte Le Ferrari In Pista" - Mugello Circuit, Italy
Jugen End GermanyBlackSB-EY 3/Germany
PurchaseWireSilver Gray Metallic
Wendelin Kluge GermanyBlack
Copyright © 2011 Rally SolitudeOther2011/07/24WireSilverEntered in the Ralley Solitude, Stuttgart - Baden Württemberg, Germany
Wendelin Kluge GermanyBlackS L 6H/Germany
Copyright © 2011 Bjoern SchmidtOther2011/10/24WireSilver Gray MetallicAt Ital-Auto GmbH of Koengen, Germany.
Wendelin Kluge GermanyBlack/RedS L 6H/Germany
Copyright © 2011 Bjoern Schmidt  Copyright © 2011 Bjoern Schmidt  Copyright © 2011 Bjoern Schmidt  Copyright © 2011 Bjoern Schmidt 

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