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330 GT Toolkit

Toolkits for older Ferraris are really a problem.  If you are lucky, your car came with the bag and some remnants of the tools, mainly those that aren't useful in the house or on another car.  Others, like me, had nothing, not even the jack to go with the car.  A good write-up on toolkits was done by Parker Hall in issue 99 of Cavallino (June/July 1997).

There is no definitive source for what tool bag or tools came with a specific car unless you bought it new and kept everything intact.  An example starts with the tool bag.  The parts and owner's manuals show a one piece bag with an extension flap area for the jack and hub puller.  However, I know that some of the late Mark II cars came from the factory with two bags like the 365 model.  One bag held the tools and the other, the jack and hub puller.

Single Bag Toolkit Information

Twin Bag Toolkit information