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These cars are those whose last record is 'For Sale' or 'Auction' within the 180 days.  Since there is no later records, they presumably are still available to be purchased. If there is no link under the VIN column for an entry, no further information is available. You will have to use the name link to find out anything more about the car. Prices are US$, however, if the car is priced in another currency (as shown in the Comment field), the US$ amount is calculated at the current conversion rate at time of the listing.

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If there is a car listed here which is no longer available to be purchased, please contact the registry.

Disclaimer: The 330 GT Registry has no specific knowledge of any of these cars.  The information comes from various sources, some of which may not be reliable. It does not recommend nor receive any form of payment with regards to these listings. As always when purchasing a used Ferrari, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by an independent Ferrari mechanic is a must. Any mileage information is supplied by the seller or read from an odometer picture and may not be accurate.

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Detail TypeDatePriceMileageVINWheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Copyright © 2027 Oldtimer AustraliaFor Sale2027/05/17$369742  73115 Mi5865 WirePinot Verde MetalicaAU$499,500. Books, pouch and manuals.
Oldtimer Australia QLDAustraliaBlack/Green
Copyright © 2017 RM Auctions Inc.Auction2017/06/24  82379 Mi9209 AlloyRedLot ?, Santa Monica, CA auction. Est. $275,000 - $350,000.
RM Auctions CAUSABlack/Black
For Sale2017/05/21$3585545527 WireBlueCHF 349,000. Toolkit.
CMM AG SwitzerlandBeige/Black
Auction2017/05/114085 WireIvoryClassic & Exotic Cars Auction #J6. 300K min bid.
BID Network Online Inc. CAUSABlack/BlackTVF 279/TX
For Sale2017/04/30  12600 KM8781 AlloySilver
Classic Garage AB SwedenBlue/BlackHLJ 210/Sweden
For Sale2017/04/18$3211216341 WireRed€300,000.
Bavaria Motors NV BelgiumBlack/Red330 AFB 78/France
Copyright © 2017 Guikas GTCFor Sale2017/04/16$370959  46600 Mi5069 WireRed€349,500.
GTC S.A.R.L. FranceBlack/Red
For Sale2017/04/15$2250006169 WireArgento Fumo
*** NYUSADark Red/Gray
For Sale2017/04/14$238750  90000 KMUnknown WireSilver€225,000
Unknown The NetherlandsBeige/BrownGY 92 5708/France
For Sale2017/04/095405 WireDark BlueAt Essen Techno Classica, Essen, Germany
RSC Automobile BelgiumRed/Black
For Sale2017/04/098765 WireRedAt Essen Techno Classica, Essen, Germany
The Gallery Brummen The NetherlandsBlack/Black
Copyright © 2017 Matthias UrbanFor Sale2017/04/086623 WireMetallic SilverAt Essen Techno Classica, Essen, Germany
Scuderia Sportiva Colonia GermanyBlack/Red
Auction2017/04/036815 No bids at 1,250. Chassis only. eBay 122418333846. BIN 2500.
Ronald Schmoll PAUSA
For Sale2017/04$345000  96216 KM7815 WireRed
David Zagaroli NCUSATan/Tan
For Sale2017/03/29$299242  71217 KM6415 WireLight Blue€279,000
Barron Cars GmbH GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2017/03/25$9750005077 WireWhiteJust completed 100% restoration.
Mike Westrick INUSABlack/Red911 AQG/OR
For Sale2017/03/24$388979  101600 KM8319 AlloyDark Blue Metallic€360,000
CPI Roder GmbH. & Co. KG GermanyRed/BlackTO 82473D/Italy
Copyright © 2017 Premium Classic Cars LtdFor Sale2017/03/036255 WireAzzurro 20336 M Italver
Premium Classic Cars Ltd SuffolkUKBlue/Black w/blue piping
For Sale2017/03/02$352236  54000 KM6969 WireArgento Nürburgring Metallic€335,000. At Retro Classics, Stuttgart, Germany.
Promocar Automobili SA SwitzerlandBlack/Gray
Copyright © 2017 VAVATO BVBAAuction2017/03/01  32582 KM5933 WireOro ChiaroHigh bid €177,000. Lot 1, online auction.
Vavato BelgiumBlack/Black
For Sale2017/03/017607 WireAmaranto 19379http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/ferraris/546501-ferrari-330gt2-2-considering-sale.html
Brian (UK) HampsUKBeige/RedYRD 604C/UK
For Sale2017/02/19$265540  37111 Mi5489 WireMetallic Green€250,000. The car is to BE RESTORED and it is incomplete (as shown), engine to BE OVERHAULED, not complete!
Valauto S.p.A. CNItalyBlack/Red
Copyright © 2017 CoysAuction2017/02/186215 WireRedLot 346, Coys Olympic auction, Londonm, UK. Est, £200,000-£240,000.
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UKBlack/Black
For Sale2017/02/125421 WireSilverAt ODS Carrosserie stand, Retromobile 2017, Paris, France
ODS Carrosserie FranceBlack
For Sale2017/02/115723 WireRed
Jorcar LeiriaPortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal
For Sale2017/02/11$500197  67600 KM9419 AlloyBlue Sera Metallic€470,000. Classiche certified. Original interior.
Maurizio Vischi ROMAItalyRed/RedBA 188700/Italy
Copyright © 2017 Joe MacariFor Sale2017/02/04$312038  34500 Mi6135 WireGray£249,950
Joe Macari Performance Cars ltd UKBlack/Black
Copyright © 2017 Classic Sports Cars HollandFor Sale2017/02/04$382919  7871 KM7687 WireGrigio Argento€355,000. Classiche certified.
Classic Sports Cars Holland The NetherlandsPelle nera/BlackAR-93-30/The Netherlands
For Sale2017/02/02$4572269719 AlloyRed€425,000 or Best Offer.Tool kit and bag.
Garage Gilis R & D BelgiumBlack/BlackOAK 167/Belgium
For Sale2017/02/01$749149  400 KMUnknown WireRed€695,000. http://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=238887770&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&sortOption.sortOrder=DESCENDING&sortOption.sortBy=creationTime&zipcode=&scopeId=C
Unknown GermanyBlack/Red
Copyright © 2017 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Auction2017/01/19  86051 KM7901 WireBlackNot sold at 340K. Lot 38, Scottsdale, AZ auction. Tools. Est: 375-450K.
Bonhams UKRed/RedUIU 507/CA
Copyright © 2017 Joe MacariFor Sale2017/01/15  13666 Mi7963 AlloyGrey over Tan£694,950. Shooting Brake body.
Joe Macari Performance Cars ltd UKTan/BeigeFNA 988C/UK
For Sale2017/01/14$473606  36268 KMUnknown WireSilver€445,000. Euro Same as 3101
Zukowsky Classic Cars GmbH GermanyRed/RedTE 330H/Germany
For Sale2017/01/13$295000  47000 Mi6097 AlloyBlueEngine and transmission rebuild by Frances Sicard. www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ferrari/330gt/1904445.html
Unknown CTOrange VM 3104/Beige6T 939/NY
For Sale2017/01/09$3410008917 AlloyArgento£279.950. Electric power steering.
Classic Automobiles Worldwide Ltd UKBlack/RedGVU 498D/UK
For Sale2017/01/05$3150007857 WireRedOwners manual, parts manual, and document folio, as well as a tool kit
*** NYUSABlack/Black
Copyright © 2017 Tomini Classics For Sale2017/01/02  45273 Mi6055 WireGrigio Ferro MetRecent restoration
Tomini Classics UAEBeige VM 3218/GrayENP726B/UK
Copyright © 2017 Tomini Classics For Sale2017/01/02  35035 Mi8099 WireAmarantoRecent restoration
Tomini Classics UAEBeige VM 3218/Light Beige w/beige pipingHOV106D/UK
For Sale2016/12/07$226295  44000 KMUnknown WireRed€ 210,000. Euro
DB7 Autos SpainBlack
For Sale2016/12/07$280206  50500 KMUnknown WireBlue€ 260,000. Euro
DB7 Autos SpainBlack/Brown
For Sale2016/12/05$312370  117000 KM9047 AlloySilver€289,900. Engine from 330 GTC.10445.
Homedes & Monteleone GbR GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2016/12/05  43913 KM9707 WireSilver-blueHas tools and jack. Located in Columbus, Ohio.
Jerry (QC) QCCanadaBlue/Tan

4953-5125 - 330 America
5263-6883 - Series I, 4HL, 4speed/OD
6911-7547 - Interim, 4HL, 5 speed
7553-10193 - Series II, 2HL, 5 speed