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These cars are those whose last record is 'For Sale' or 'Auction' within the last 180 days.  Since there is no later records, they presumably are still available to be purchased. If there is no link under the VIN column for an entry, no further information is available. You will have to use the name link to find out anything more about the car. Prices are US$, however, if the car is priced in another currency (as shown in the Comment field), the US$ amount is calculated at the current conversion rate at the date in the listing.

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If there is a car listed here which is no longer available to be purchased, please contact the registry.

Disclaimer: The 330 GT Registry has no specific knowledge of any of these cars.  The information comes from various sources, some of which may not be reliable. It does not recommend nor receive any form of payment with regards to these listings. As always when purchasing a used Ferrari, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by an independent Ferrari mechanic is a must. Any mileage information is supplied by the seller or read from an odometer picture and may not be accurate.

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Detail TypeDatePriceMileageVINWheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Copyright 2024 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Auction2024/02/01  72597 KM7335 WireVerde MetallizzatoNot iold, Lot 145, Les Grandes Marques du Monde Paris auction, Paris, France. Est €250,000 - €350,000.
Bonhams UKBlack/Black
For Sale2024/01/16$375551  63500 KM7137 WireGrigio Fumo€349.500.
The Gallery Aaldering The NetherlandsTan/Brown
Copyright 2023 RM Auctions, Inc.For Sale2023/11/05$272483  80855 Mi5839 WireAzurro California220,000. Tool roll, owner's and parts manuals.
RM Sotheby's ONCanadaBeige/TanS??33H/Germany
Copyright 2023 markus77For Sale2023/10/266397 WireBiancoAt Auto e Moto d'Epoca, Bologna, Italy. Classiche certification
Autosalon Tony Race TEItalyNero/Red
Copyright 2023 markus77For Sale2023/10/26Unknown WireSilverAt Il giardino dei gioielli (the Garden of jewels) stand, Auto Moto d'Epoca, Bolgona, Italy. Same as unknown #3308
Artioli Classiche Modena ItalyRed/Black
For Sale2023/10/22$430000  33500 Mi8387 WireBleu ScuroOwner's Manual. Extra set of alloy wheels.
Chicago Motor Cars ILUSACream/Navy
For Sale2023/10/07$298800  99750 KM8607 AlloyArgento MetallizzatoOwner's manual, tool case and jack.
Copley Motor Cars MAUSANero/Red
For Sale2023/10/05$279950  98359 KM10043 AlloyRosso NearcoSingle-bag tool roll, owner's and parts manuals. 1967 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2
Ferraris-Online LLC. CAUSABlack/Beige15377/PA
Copyright 2023 Beverly Hills Car ClubFor Sale2023/08/25$129950  32066 Mi7195 WireSilverNo engine, matching engine block with car.
Beverly Hills Car Club CAUSABlue/Black

4953-5125 - 330 America
3105,4085,4963,4967, 5263-6883 - Series I, 4HL, 4speed/OD
6911-7547 - Interim, 4HL, 5 speed
7353, 7553-10193 - Series II, 2HL, 5 speed