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These cars are those whose last record is 'For Sale' or 'Auction' within the 180 days.  Since there is no later records, they presumably are still available to be purchased. If there is no link under the VIN column for an entry, no further information is available. You will have to use the name link to find out anything more about the car. Prices are US$, however, if the car is priced in another currency (as shown in the Comment field), the US$ amount is calculated at the current conversion rate at time of the listing.

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If there is a car listed here which is no longer available to be purchased, please contact the registry.

Disclaimer: The 330 GT Registry has no specific knowledge of any of these cars.  The information comes from various sources, some of which may not be reliable. It does not recommend nor receive any form of payment with regards to these listings. As always when purchasing a used Ferrari, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by an independent Ferrari mechanic is a must. Any mileage information is supplied by the seller or read from an odometer picture and may not be accurate.

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Detail TypeDatePriceMileageVINWheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Copyright © 2022 RM Auctions, Inc.Auction2022/09/09  44722 KM6327 WireMarine BlueLot 117, RM Sotheby's St. Moritz Auction, St. Moritz, Switzerland. Est: CHF180,000 - CHF220,000. In dry storaage last 7 years. Kuwaiti vehicle registration.
RM Sotheby's ONCanadaBeige/Blue
Copyright © 2022 Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc.For Sale2022/09/09$1895008985 WireArgento 25090 A It.eBay 275451968925
*** NYUSANero Franzi NR2/Red422 SAR/CA
Copyright © 2022 Autosport Designs, Inc.For Sale2022/09/04$6950008787 WireArgentoeBay 204083440410
Autosport Designs, Inc NYUSAOfficial Color missing/Black
Copyright © 2022 Worldwide AuctioneersAuction2022/09/02  3235 Mi5701 WireNocciola 19397 MOnline auction
Worldwide Auctioneers INUSABeige VM 3309/Beige
Copyright © 2022 Houtkamp B.V.For Sale2022/08/268469 WireArgento 25090 A It.Classiche certified. Toolkit.
Houtkamp Collection The NetherlandsBlack/RedX232/Monaco
For Sale2022/08/18$180006777 WireBlueComplete original owner's pouch. eBay 175387532944
Classic Car Parts LTD UKGray/Gray
For Sale2022/08/18$615890  38802 KM9053 WirePinot Verde MetalicaAU$885,990. CarSales
Unknown NSWAustraliaBlack/GreenLORBEK/NSW
For Sale2022/08/12$260238  21194 KM7399 WireBlu Azzuro€260,000.
The Gallery Brummen The NetherlandsTan/Brown
Copyright © 2022 Michael W. SheehanFor Sale2022/08/10$295000  98359 KM10043 AlloyRosso NearcoToolkit
European Auto Restoration CAUSABlack/Beige15377/PA
Copyright © 2022 Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc.For Sale2022/07/29$167500  117914 KM6161 WireRedeBay 275404339633.
*** NYUSABlack/BlackENK/OH
Copyright © 2022 Niki Hasler AGFor Sale2022/07/20  30481 KM7553 WireDark Brown
Niki Hasler AG SwitzerlandBeigeFV368NA/France
For Sale2022/07/17$292254  76002 KM8271 AlloyBlue€ 288000.
Aljoscha Baumann GermanyBeige/Black
Copyright © 2022 Pennsylvania’s exclusive authorized Ferrari dealerFor Sale2022/06/25$269900  19039 Mi6099 WireGrigio ArgentoFerrari Classiche certified.
Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia PAUSARosso/Black
Copyright © 2022 CC Cars ApSFor Sale2022/06/22$270049  59434 Mi6755 AlloyRosso 19374 It.€256800. Car in Odense, Denmark.
CC Cars ApS DenmarkBeige/Beige
Copyright © 2022 Farland Classic Restoration Inc.For Sale2022/06/22$429000  70000 Mi7917 WireGrigio Fumo
Farland Classic Restoration COUSABlue/Black
Copyright © 2022 Car Collection GmbHFor Sale2022/06/20$417029  149 KMUnknown WireRed€395,000.
Car Collection GmbH AustriaWhite/Beige
For Sale2022/06/16$247443  58250 KM8505 AlloyArgento Nurburgring€ 235.000
KGC Automobiles GelgiumRed/Red
For Sale2022/06/11$459000  52560 Mi8947 WireGold
F40 Motorsports CTUSARed/Black
Copyright © 2022 Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc.For Sale2022/06/10$189500  23437 Mi6365 WireRedTool bag w/non-OEM tools, owners pouch w/original manuals,
*** NYUSARed/Red
Copyright © 2022 KEA MotorsFor Sale2022/05/30$278638  117802 KM9047 AlloySilver€259,000. 330 GTC engine.
KEA Motors GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2022/05/23$4387415835 WireSilverChF 424,000. Chassiche certified.
Touring Garage Imboden AG ValaisSwitzerlandBlack
Copyright © 2022 Bockemühl ClassicFor Sale2022/05/23$372500  30500 KM7011 WireGrigio Fumo€ 349,000
Bockemühl Classic-Cars GermanyRosso/Rosso
Copyright © 2022 Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc.For Sale2022/05/21$217500  75177 KM9645 AlloyDark RedNot running, off the road last 5 years. Running when parked.
*** NYUSABeige/Beige50305/VA
Copyright © 2022 Scuderia Praha a.s.For Sale2022/05/20$301032  82557 KM6077 WireAzzuro Metallizzato€ 285,000. Tool kit.
Scuderia Praha a.s. Czech RepublicBlack/Black
Copyright © 2022 Catawiki B.V.Auction2022/05/13  80260 KM9043 WireGreyNo. 57926017. Est € 352 - 390K. Car in Perugia, Italy.
Catawiki B.V. The NetherlandsBlack/BlackSA 798??/Italy
Copyright © 2022 Autoluce s.r.l.For Sale2022/04/28  43 MiUnknown WireGrey
Autoluce s.r.l. MOItalyRed/Black
For Sale2022/04/25$3720498363 WireBlue€349,000.
S2 Classic Cars the NetherlandsRed/Red
Copyright © 2022 AutoSL GmbHFor Sale2022/04/15$210726  95000 KM10125 AlloySilver Blue€194,890.
AutoSL GmbH GermanyRed/Red
For Sale2022/04/11$323926  92941 Mi6939 WireRed€299,000.
Schuttenbach Automobile GmbH & Co KG GermanyBlack/Gray
Copyright © 2022 OsenatAuction2022/03/28  45578 Mi6055 WireGrigio Ferro MetNot sold, Lot 67, Automobiles de Colleciton auction, Fontainebleau, France. Est: €250-280K.
Osenat Fontainebleau FranceBeige VM 3218/GrayGA-194-PJ/France
Copyright © 2022 Kevin BlommaertFor Sale2022/03/28$362868  50468 KM8211 WireBlue MetallicAt Techno Classica, Essen, Germany. €330,000.
Automobilia Franco Lembo FranceBlack/Black
Copyright © 2022 Kevin BlommaertFor Sale2022/03/28  73135 KM8589 WireSilverAt Techno Classica, Essen, Germany.
Selected Car Investment 2900 DenmarkBlack/Red
Copyright © 2022 Claude Aguttes SASAuction2022/03/279213 WireGrigio FumoLot 37, Clasic Cars : The Spring Sale, Neuilly, France. Est: €275-350K.
Claude Aguttes Neuilly FranceRosso VM 3171/Black

4953-5125 - 330 America
5263-6883 - Series I, 4HL, 4speed/OD
6911-7547 - Interim, 4HL, 5 speed
7553-10193 - Series II, 2HL, 5 speed