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These cars are those whose last record is 'For Sale' or 'Auction' within the 180 days.  Since there is no later records, they presumably are still available to be purchased. If there is no link under the VIN column for an entry, no further information is available. You will have to use the name link to find out anything more about the car. Prices are US$, however, if the car is priced in another currency (as shown in the Comment field), the US$ amount is calculated at the current conversion rate at time of the listing.

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If there is a car listed here which is no longer available to be purchased, please contact the registry.

Disclaimer: The 330 GT Registry has no specific knowledge of any of these cars.  The information comes from various sources, some of which may not be reliable. It does not recommend nor receive any form of payment with regards to these listings. As always when purchasing a used Ferrari, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by an independent Ferrari mechanic is a must. Any mileage information is supplied by the seller or read from an odometer picture and may not be accurate.

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Detail TypeDatePriceMileageVINWheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Auction2018/06/254085 WireIvoryeBay 392065435027. BIN 595,000.
Daniel Schmitt & Co. MOUSABlack/Black
Copyright © 2018 Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc.For Sale2018/06/19$1895007187 WireRed
*** NYUSABlack/Red
For Sale2018/06/14$225000  37762 KM8829 AlloyMarooneBay 273296489527.
*** NYUSATan/BeigeAUL 158/OH
Copyright © 2018 Rosier Classic SterneFor Sale2018/05/26$348545  76211 KM6035 WireSilver€299,000
Rosier Classic Sterne GmbH GermanyBlack/Black
Copyright © 2018 Rosner Motorsports Inc.For Sale2018/05/23$395000  53383 Mi8627 AlloyRosso Scuro eBay 192548619526
Rosner Motorsports Inc. FLUSACream/Red
For Sale2018/05/12$250000  69290 KM8321 AlloyIn the family for over 40 years.
Anna Roesch-Tubbs CAUSA
Copyright © 2018 Coys of KensingtonAuction2018/05/116235 WireSilverLot 202, Legende et Passion Monaco 2018 auction, Espace Fontvieille, Monaco. Est. €220,000- €250,000
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UKBeige/Beige
Copyright © 2018  Klaus Dold AutomobileFor Sale2018/05/08$295690  115000 KM6259 WireMetallic Red€249,000. Engine rebuild ~2000km ago.
Klaus Dold Automobile GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2018/05$341140  77187 KM8275 AlloyBlu Scuro€ 289,950
The Gallery Brummen The NetherlandsBrown/Light BrownAL-67-95/The Netherlands
Copyright © 2018 Marcel MassiniFor Sale2018/04/27$4556709423 WireAzzurro BlueChF 450,000.
Niki Hasler AG SwitzerlandTan/BlackZH 58547/Switzerland
For Sale2018/04/10$1879027329 WireBlue€152,000.
Unknown FranceBlack/Black
For Sale2018/04/08  53495 Mi7901 WireBlack
Classic Showcase CAUSARed/Red
Copyright © 2018 Coys of KensingtonAuction2018/03/24  42000 Mi8975 WireRosso CordobaLot 188, Techno Classica Essen auction. Est. €250,000- €300,000. Non-OEM A/C.
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UKBlack/Black
Copyright © 2018 DD ClassicsFor Sale2018/03/236255 WireAzzurro 20336 M ItalverAt Retro Classics, Stuttgart, Germany.
DD Classics SurreyUKBlue/Black w/blue piping
Copyright © 2018 Marcel MassiniFor Sale2018/03/238075 WireDark BlueAt Retro Classics, Stuttgart, Germany.
DD Classics SurreyUKGray/BlackTGU 492E/UK
Copyright © 2018 Mathias UrbanFor Sale2018/03/23  48775 KM9745 WireIvoryAt Techno Classics, Essen, Germany
Pre Select Inh.N.Steins GermanyBlack/Red
Copyright © 2018 Heritage ClassicsFor Sale2018/03/07$285000  30806 Mi6549 WireRed
Heritage Classics Motorcar Co. CAUSABeige/Beige
For Sale2018/03/03$363333  101896 KM8153 AlloyMetallic Silver€295,000, https://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/ferrari-330-gt-2-2-serie-2-matching-numbers-milan/258530471.html
Unknown ItalyBlack/Black
For Sale2018/02/24$362704  34863 KM9385 WireGrigio Scuro€295,000
Auto Salon Singen AG GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2018/02/21$372526  93000 KM5527 WireBlueCHF 349,000. Toolkit. 5 speed gearbox w/4 speed/OD available. One owner since 1967.
Max-Classics SwitzerlandBeige/Black
Copyright © 2018 Promocar Automobili SAFor Sale2018/02/21$352260  54000 KM6969 WireArgento Nürburgring MetallicCHF 330,000. Classiche certification.
Promocar Automobili SA SwitzerlandBlack/Gray
For Sale2018/02/17$279500  96000 KM7815 WireRed
*** NYUSATan/Tan
Copyright © 2018 DYLAN MILES LTD For Sale2018/01/29$359159  85943 Mi7607 WireAmaranto 19379£255,000.
Dylan Miles Ltd KentUKBeige/RedYRD 604C/UK
Copyright © 2018 AngeloFor Sale2018/01/147973 AlloyChiaro Celeste At Interclassics Maastricht, MECC, the Netherlands.
Classic Sports Cars Holland The NetherlandsLight Blue/Blue
For Sale2017/12/289033 WireRed
Messini Classics GermanyBeige VM 846/BeigeRT - TR 88/Germany
For Sale2017/12/23$275000  77400 KM6097 AlloyBlueRecent work including engine overhaul and other major services.
Restoration and Performance Motorcars VTUSAOrange VM 3104/Beige6T 939/NY

4953-5125 - 330 America
5263-6883 - Series I, 4HL, 4speed/OD
6911-7547 - Interim, 4HL, 5 speed
7553-10193 - Series II, 2HL, 5 speed