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These cars are those whose last record is 'For Sale' or 'Auction' within the 180 days.  Since there is no later records, they presumably are still available to be purchased. If there is no link under the VIN column for an entry, no further information is available. You will have to use the name link to find out anything more about the car. Prices are US$, however, if the car is priced in another currency (as shown in the Comment field), the US$ amount is calculated at the current conversion rate at time of the listing.

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If there is a car listed here which is no longer available to be purchased, please contact the registry.

Disclaimer: The 330 GT Registry has no specific knowledge of any of these cars.  The information comes from various sources, some of which may not be reliable. It does not recommend nor receive any form of payment with regards to these listings. As always when purchasing a used Ferrari, a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by an independent Ferrari mechanic is a must. Any mileage information is supplied by the seller or read from an odometer picture and may not be accurate.

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Detail TypeDatePriceMileageVINWheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
For Sale2019/09/28$450000  68521 Mi5973 WirePinot Verde Tools and books.
Reimel Motor Cars PAUSACaramel/Tan330GT/PA
For Sale2019/09/28$324000  3522 KM9183 AlloyRosso BordeauxSpeedometer reset at 92,473 km. Complete overhaul of engine, transmission, and drive train.
T's Sunrise Upholstery COUSABlack/Red
Copyright © 2019 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Auction2019/08/16  85029 Mi8361 WireSilverNot sold. Lot 187, Quail Lodge Auction, Carmel, CA. Est: 210-360K.
Bonhams UKBlack/Red
Copyright © 2019 Drive VintageFor Sale2019/08/09  54542 KM6135 WireGrigio Scuro
Drive Vintage SwitzerlandBlack/BlackVD 360 354/Switzerland
For Sale2019/08/09$279500  93165 Mi8189 WireBurgundyNon-OEM A/C.
Beverly Hills Car Club CAUSABeige/Black4SHJ138/CA
For Sale2019/08/09$304509  117867 KM8765 WireRed€ 269,950
The Gallery Aaldering The NetherlandsBlack/Black
For Sale2019/08/098917 WireArgentoFerrari Classiche Certificate.
Auto Storica SpainBlack/RedGVU 498D/UK
For Sale2019/08/09  71360 KM9477 AlloyBlueRecently fully restored.
Monaco Legend Motors SAM Monaco Black/BlackW593/Monaco
Auction2019/08/087187 WireRedNot sold, no bids @220K. eBay 293176145433.
rich5775 (eBay ID) FLUSABlack/Red
Copyright © 2019 Coys of KensingtonAuction2019/08/038967 WireBlackLot 129, Schloss Dyck auction, Schloss Dyck, Germany, Est: €230,000-€260,000.
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UKTan/Tan
For Sale2019/07/20$1675005517 AlloyRedSame owner for many years and has been sitting waiting to be restored.
Beverly Hills Car Club CAUSABlack/Black
Auction2019/07/09  2433 Mi9823 WireRossa Redwww.bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-ferrari-330-2-2/
Mullet5 (BaT ID) CAUSABlack/Black85528 (dlr)/CA
Auction2019/07/07  38310 Mi6155 WireRedLot 368, Goodwood Festival of Speed auction, Goodwood, Chichester, UK. Est:. £ 150,000 - 180,000.
Bonhams UKBeige/BeigeEPC 1B/UK
For Sale2019/07/04$389000  53383 Mi8627 AlloyRosso Scuro eBay 192974965794. Toolkit, owner's pouch.
Rosner Motorsports Inc. FLUSACream/Red
For Sale2019/06/306203 WirePale Metallic Greenwww.epicure.net.au/ferrari/index.html Toolkit.
John Ellis SAAustraliaNatural/Natural58/SA
Copyright © 2019 Nout Classic CarsFor Sale2019/06/23$3987417693 WireVerde Pino€ 350000
Nout Classic Cars B.V. the NetherlandsBeige/TanDH-71-82/The Netherlands
Copyright © 2019 Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd.For Sale2019/06/22$2770395819 RedAUD399,950. Sunroof.
Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd VICAustraliaBeige/Beige
For Sale2019/06/22$261652  10 KM8319 AlloyDark Blue Metallic€ 230,000
Paris Motors Legend FranceRed/Black
For Sale2019/06/22  77012 KM8543 WireBlack
Gipimo Automobiles SA BelgiumBeige/Black330 GT/Belgium
For Sale2019/06/22$32500010043 AlloyRosso Nearco
*** NYUSABlack/Beige15377/PA
For Sale2019/06/21$2450005401 WireBleu Serawww.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ferrari/330gt/2235994.html
*** NVBeige/Beige170 WJI/CA
For Sale2019/06/21  10893 KM6213 WireMedium Gray Metallic
Gipimo Automobiles SA BelgiumBlack/Black1-OAR-543/Belgium
For Sale2019/06/189745 WireIvory
Thiesen Berlin GmbH GermanyBlack/Red
For Sale2019/06/17$432137  67483 KM8975 WireRosso Cordoba€ 379,900
Magna Supercars S.L. MálagaSpainBlack/Black
For Sale2019/06/14$2240575507 WireGold€198.000
The Gallery Brummen The NetherlandsBlack/Brown
For Sale2019/06/04$342008  133172 KM6393 WireWhiteChF 340,000.
Gekko SwitzerlandBlack/Black
For Sale2019/06/01$398191  16289 KM5421 WireGrigio Notte€349,900
Autohaus Gohm GmbH Motorworld GermanyBlack/Black
For Sale2019/05/29Unknown AlloySilverOne family owner from new. Manuals.
G Sassi ItalyBlack/Red
For Sale2019/05/14$334547  98356 KM6435 WireMetallic Gray299.000 €
Bolides FranceBlack/Black
For Sale2019/05/12Unknown WireRedwww.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C936058. Same as unknown 2756.
Unknown ItalyWhite/Beige
For Sale2019/05/10$29435113 WireCertificate of Origin only. €2,618.88
Automobilia Ladenburg Germany
For Sale2019/05/10$37456573 WireBuild sheet only. €3,333.12
Automobilia Ladenburg Germany
For Sale2019/05/10$37466799 Build sheet only, €3,333.12
Automobilia Ladenburg Germany
Copyright © 2019 Scuderia Sportiva ColoniaFor Sale2019/05/035831 WireRed
Scuderia Sportiva Colonia GermanyBlack/Black

4953-5125 - 330 America
5263-6883 - Series I, 4HL, 4speed/OD
6911-7547 - Interim, 4HL, 5 speed
7553-10193 - Series II, 2HL, 5 speed