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S/N 9757 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Int. Motor # Euro/US Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
9757 330 GT 2 Headlight 9757 RHD Blue Sera 20.264 P/W, Gray headliner
5 Speed 571/66 2486 US Gray VM 3230 40DFI/2 carbs
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Other 1967/03/24 Alloy Blue Sera 20.264 Date of Manufacture per build sheet
SEFAC SpA MO Italy Gray VM 3230/Light gray
Import 1967/05/05 Alloy Blue Sera 20.264 MC order number 304.
Maranello Concessionaires Ltd SRY UK Gray VM 3230/Light gray
Purchase 1967/05/10 1 Alloy Blue Sera 20.264 Registered in the UK
D. Hart UK Gray VM 3230 NHX 3E/UK
Owned 1970/07
P. M. Rambaut CHS UK NHX 3E/UK
Accident 1971 Car totaled by company chauffer.
P. M. Rambaut CHS UK
Owned 1972
P. M. Rambaut CHS UK NHX 3E/UK
Terry Hoyle ESS UK PLR 81E/UK

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