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S/N 9269 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeEuro/USManufacture DateLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
9269330 GT 2 Headlight9269LHDP/W, P/S, A/C
5 Speed 571/66US
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
For Sale1969/09/07$9000WireSilver Gray
Eckert, LCM PAUSARed
Marco Colombo USATan
Edwin K. Niles, CM CAUSATan
Unknown USA
For Sale1988/06/13$45000WireSilver
William J. Morrison, Jr. ILUSABlack
For Sale1990/04/28$134500Silver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1990/09$118000Silver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1991/04/27$87500  88000 MiAlloySilver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1991/08$75000Silver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1991/10/12$59900  88000 MiAlloySilver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1992/03/28$59000Silver
Mark A. Cigal CTUSABlack
For Sale1993/05/22$42000AlloySilver
Forza Motorsports NYUSABlack
AME Engineering GelderlandThe NetherlandsBlack
Copyright  2000 Marcel WallenburgPicture2000/03AlloySilver
AME Engineering GelderlandThe NetherlandsBlack
Other2008/08/04Engine reported in 330GT 7963.
Bonhams UK
Other2018/12/02AlloyBronze MetallicEngine in 7963.
RM Auctions CAUSATan/Beige

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