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S/N 8715 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
8715330 GT 2 Headlight0019573LHDArgento 25090 A It.P/W
5 Speed 571/661742EuroNero Franzi NR2/Red40 DCZ/6 carbs, Special engine number stamping
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Other1966Argento 25090 A It.Special engine number stamping
SEFAC SpA MOItalyBlack/Red
Import1966/06/21Argento 25090 A It.
S. A. Garage Francorchamps BelgiumNero Franzi NR2/Red
Purchase1966/07/201 Argento 25090 A It.
Lauwers BelgiumNero Franzi NR2/Red
Purchase1977$8700  59000 KM+1AlloyDark Red
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
Other1990/01  61000 KMRed
John J. Roswell CTUSA
John J. Roswell CTUSA
Paint1996AlloyRedBare metal repaint medium red
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
Owned2006/09/28  62200 KMAlloyRedEngine presently out of car.
John J. Roswell CTUSABlackAPY 3961/NY
Owned2006/10/22  62200 KMAlloyRed
John J. Roswell CTUSABlackSVP 431/NY
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack
Owned2010/01/15  62200 KMAlloyRedContinuing engine rebuild and restoration.
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
Owned2011/01/21AlloyRedNew main & rod bearings, new pistons, pins and rings. Heads rebuilt w/new valves and guides. Rebuilt leaf springs.
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
Owned2012/01/29  62200 KMAlloyRedReassambling engine
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
Owned2013/08/07  62200 KMAlloyRedCompleted engine rebuild.
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
Owned2014/01/28  62000 KMAlloyRedBrake master cylinder and booster rebuilt. Engine rebuild completed and ready to install.
John J. Roswell CTUSABlack/Red
For Sale2015  62200 KMAlloyRedNeeds installation of rebuilt motor and various other components.
Forza CTUSABlack/RedSVP 431/NY
Purchase2015  62200 KM+2AlloyRedBought through Peter Sweeney.
Unknown FLUSABlack/RedAPY 3961/NY
Purchase2015/12/27?+2AlloyRedPurchased from Forza through Tom Shaughnessy
Ron Amundson WAUSABlack/Red

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