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S/N 8463 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
8463330 GT 2 Headlight8463LHDCeleste 19321 M ItP/W
5 Speed 571/66EuroRosso Scuro VM 893
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Purchase1966?1 Celeste 19321 M It
Claude Terrail FranceRosso Scuro VM 893
Purchase1978/08  50000 KM3 AlloyLight Blue
Jess G. Pourret ThailandRed7827 BQ 92/France
Accident1978/10  52000 KMAlloyLight BlueEd Niles was driving. LF damage, roof creased, frame bent.
Jess G. Pourret ThailandRed7827 BQ 92/France
Purchase1978/10  52000 KM4 AlloyLight Blue
Junkyard FranceRed7827 BQ 92/France
Auction1993/02/20  100000 KMAlloyBlue Gray MetallicNot sold at 180,000 FFr. Lot 54, l’Aquaboulevard auction. Est 200-250K FFr.
Unknown 75France727 ECJ 75/France
Article1993/03/16  100000 KMAlloyMetallic Gray-blueArticle in La Vie de l'Auto, Mar 16, 1993, p.30.
Unknown 75France727 ECJ 75/France
Auction1995/12/11$33325Metallic Gray/Light BlueSold FFr 166281. Lot 55 at Paris France auction.
Etude Poulain & Le Fur FranceBeige?
Purchase+2AlloyMetallic Gray
Pessiot 93FranceLight Blue
Article1999/09AlloyBlackIn Rétroviseur 9/99 issue, p 133.
Unknown 92FranceRed857 ANK 92/France
Unknown 92FranceRed857 ANK 92/France
Copyright © 2009 www.thiesen-kg.deFor Sale2009/04/03AlloyBlackAt Techno Classica, Essen, Germany
Thiesen Hamburg GmbH GermanyRed/Black857 ANK 92/France
Copyright © 2009 www.thiesen-kg.de  Copyright © 2009 www.thiesen-kg.de  Copyright © 2009 www.thiesen-kg.de  Copyright © 2009 www.thiesen-kg.de                Copyright © 2009 Bert de Boer  Copyright © 2009 Bert de Boer 
*** GermanyRed/Black
Owned2012/06/03  126000 KMAlloyBlack
*** GermanyBlack/Black
Owned2013/01/12  128000 KMAlloyBlackEngine being rebuilt. New clutch and gearbox rebuilt.
*** GermanyBlack/Black
Copyright © 2013 Marcel MassiniOther2013/04/06AlloyBlackSeen in RF Performance Cars garage, Altendorf, Switzerland.
*** GermanyBlackOH GT 330H/Germany
Owned2014/01/28  132000 KMAlloyBlack
*** GermanyBlackOH GT 330H/Germany
Owned2015/02/03AlloyBlackOverhaul of carburettors. Overhaul of front suspension.
*** GermanyBlackOH GT 330H/Germany
*** GermanyBlackOH GT 330H/Germany
*** GermanyBlackOH GT 330H/Germany
*** GermanyBlack/GrayOH GT 330H/Germany
*** GermanyBlack/GrayOH GT 330H/Germany

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