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S/N 6879 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Int. Motor # Euro/US Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
6879 330 GT 4 Headlight 6879 RHD Celeste 19321M P/W, Grigio headliner
4 Speed w/OD 571 956 US Nero VM8500/Grigio
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Import 1965 Celeste 19.321 M Order # 195.
Maranello Concessionaires Ltd SRY UK Nero Franzi/Grigio
Purchase 1965/03/19 1 Celeste 19.321 M Registered in UK.
J. Hally UK Nero Franzi/Grigio
Other 1965/05/03   431 Mi Serviced at factory
J. Hally UK EE 02279/Italy
Purchase 1 Celeste 19321M
Unknown Nero VM8500/Grigio
Purchase 1972 1 Jackie Stewart's brother
Ian M. M. Stewart PER UK
Owned 1972
Ian M. M. Stewart PER UK LTR 735F/UK
Richard Chew VA USA
Owned 1980/05
R. G. McIntyre STD UK LTR 735F/UK
Auction 1984/07/01 $23000 Sold
Sotheby's UK
Owned 1986/08/31
R. G. McIntyre STD UK LTR 735F/UK
Restore 1989 During 1989/90, was totally restored by Hexagon of Highgate, the rebuild costing over 70,000 and taking 2689 workshop hours.
Hexagon of Highgate UK
Copyright  1991 Coys of Kensington Auction 1991/06/26 $60588 Wire Metallic Gray Not sold. Lot 68 at London, UK auction.
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UK Black
Copyright  1992 Christie's Auction 1992/06/20 $53225   63400 Mi Wire Silver Blue Sold. Lot 122 at Beaulieu, UK auction.
Christie's UK
Other 1993 Exhibited in Museum
Midland Motor Museum UK
Auction 1993/03/29 $32800   65000 Mi Silver Gray Not sold, London
Christie's UK Black
Copyright  1997 Sotheby's Auction 1997/07/07 $42597 Wire Silver Gray Restored 1989/90. Sold 25300. Lot 543 at London, UK auction.
Sotheby's UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Owned 1998/10/31
Robert C. Guiness Ireland LTR 735F/UK
Ian F. L. Duncan UK LTR 735F/UK
David E. Williams UK LTR 735F/UK
Stewart N. A. Parker UK LTR 735F/UK
Auction 2000/09/10 $30065   73831 Mi Wire Dark Gray Sold - Beaulieu
Brooks Europe UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Auction 2002/12/04 $34694   75706 Mi Wire Silver Sold 22050. Lot 15 Derbyshire, UK auction
H & H Classic Auctions Cheshire UK Black LTR 735F/UK
For Sale 2003/07 $48890 Black? 29995
Spinning Wheel UK Black
Article 2003/07 Silver Article in Classic & Sports Car, 7/2003, p124
Spinning Wheel UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Purchase 2003/07/08 $50000   76035 Mi +1 Wire Silver
Michael J Elia BRK UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Owned 2004/01/06 Wire Silver
Michael J Elia BRK UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Purchase 2013/07/08   81232 Mi +1 Wire Grigio Met Full nut and bolt restoration to be started 2015
David Calvin HERTS UK Pumpkin/Light Gray LTR 735F/UK
Purchase 2013/07/08 $175000 +2 Wire Silver
David Calvin HERTS UK Black LTR 735F/UK
Owned 2014/03/30 Wire Grigio Met
David Calvin HERTS UK Pumpkin/Light Gray LTR 735F/UK
Owned 2017/02/11 Wire Grigio Met
*** Bedfordshi UK LTR 735F/UK
Copyright  2017 Bell Classics Ltd For Sale 2017/09/24 $399044.75 Wire Grigio Met 295,500
*** Bedfordshi UK LTR 735F/UK

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