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S/N 6597 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Int. Motor # Euro/US Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
6597 330 GT 4 Headlight 6597 RHD M/W
4 Speed w/OD 571 US
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Purchase 1965? 1 Wire
Shell UK Limited UK CLC 98B/UK
Article 1966/08/19 Wire Ad for 72 hour endurance run.
Shell UK Limited UK CLC 98B/UK
Article 1966 Wire Article & picture in 1966 Yearbook
Shell UK Limited UK CLC 98B/UK
Purchase 1966? +1 Wire
Donald Campbell (CBE) UK
Paint 1966? Wire Bluebird Blue
Donald Campbell (CBE) UK
Purchase 1967 +2 Wire Bluebird Blue
Alan Rind UK
Article 1967 Shell advertisement in Quatroruote magazine
Shell UK Limited UK
Copyright  1975 Sammy Hagar Other 1975? Wire Blue Picture in Red, My Uncensored Life in Rock, taken in Abbey Road, London, UK.
Sammy Hagar CA USA Tan
For Sale 1976/04/10 Bluebird Blue Ex Donald Campbell
Unknown UK Cream 2500 BP/UK
Owned 1988?
Alistair G. Walker Berks UK

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