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S/N 6399 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Euro/US Manufacture Date Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
6399 330 GT 4 Headlight 6399 LHD Bianco 18934 It. M/W
4 Speed w/OD 571 Euro Nero VM 8500
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Import 1964? Bianco 18934 It.
Italcar - Fontanella & C. TO Italy Nero VM 8500
Purchase 1964 1 Bianco 18934 It.
Unknown Italy Nero VM 8500
Other Bianco 18934 It. Registered on Italian plates
Unknown TO Italy Nero VM 8500 TO 673085/Italy
Other Registered on Italian plates
Unknown MI Italy MI K 01768/Italy
Other Registered on Italian plates
Unknown MI Italy MI Z 92723/Italy
Auction 1992/06/20 $35000   213 KM Wire Chrome Yellow Not sold, East Hampton, UK
Coys of Kensington Automobiles UK Black
Import 1996? Imported to Argentina
Unknown Argentina
Owned 2002/05/22 Rosso
Carlos Eddi Argentina BAK353/Argentina
Owned 2008/11/18
Carlos Eddi Argentina BAK353/Argentina
Video 2012/01/13 Wire Red Ferrari 330 GT 1965 V12 2+2
Carlos Eddi Argentina White BAK 353/Argentina

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