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S/N 5481 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
5481330 GT 4 Headlight5481RHDGrigio Argento 18.940 MP/W, Gray headliner
4 Speed w/OD 571USRed VM 3195/Imperial Gray
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Import1964Grigio Argento 18.940 M
Maranello Concessionaires Ltd SRYUKRed VM 3195/Imperial Gray
Purchase1964/06/131 Grigio Argento 18.940 MRegistered June 3, 1964
Erik Hurst UKRed VM 3195/Imperial GrayPUC 1/UK
Other1965/05/15  22811 KMGrigio Argento 18.940 MServiced at factory
Erik Hurst UKRed VM 3195PUC 1/UK
Purchase19662 WireArgentoBought through Maranello Concessionaires.
Unknown UKRed/Red
For Sale1975WireArgento
Brian Classic CHSUKRed
Dick Sorensen HertfordsUKRedXI 5899/UK
Import1976WireSilverCar imported to South Africa
Dick Sorensen HertfordsUKRedXI 5899/UK
Other1980WireSilverStored from 1980 to late 80s
Dick Sorensen HertfordsUKRed
Paul Cox UKRed
Peter Sutcliffe UKRed
Other1995?WireSilverStored from ~1995 to ~2008.
Peter Sutcliffe UKRed
Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Other2008/07/11WireSilverEngine stamped 5481, but IM#1474 is from car ~8200.
Bonhams UKRed/BlackEBW 96B/UK
Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.  Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.  Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd. 
Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.Auction2008/07/11$64100  52809 MiWireSilverSold 32000 w/o commission. Lot 603, Goodwood auction, Sussex, UK. In dry storage since 1995. Without documentation.
Bonhams UKRed/BlackEBW 96B/UK
Copyright  2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd. 
Purchase2008/07/11$73120+4WireSilver36500 w/buyer's commission
Unknown BelgiumRed/BlackEBW 96B/UK
OwnedIn France
Unknown France
Stephen J. Pilkington LANUKRed
Purchase2013/01/10+6WireArgentoCar is being fully restored
Damian Lynch UKRed/RedEBW 96B/UK
Owned2014/01/25  1 MiWireArgento
Damian Lynch UKRed/RedEBW 96B/UK
Damian Lynch UKRed/RedEBW 96B/UK
Owned2016/02/02WireArgentoUnder full restoration.
Damian Lynch UKRed/RedEBW 96B/UK
For Sale2017/11/21$152242WireArgento115,000. Reassembly project.
Mark Donaldson Ltd. HampsUKRed/RedEBW 96B/UK
Unknown FranceRed/RedEBW 96B/UK

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