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S/N 5033 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Euro/US Manufacture Date Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
5033 330 America 5033 674 LHD Blu It 20444 S
4 Speed w/OD 508F US Beige VM 3309 Metal dash
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Import 1963? Wire Blu It 20444 S
Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc. CT USA Beige VM 3309
Purchase 1963? 1 Wire Blu It 20444 S
Unknown USA Beige VM 3309
Accident Hit stand of smallish trees at a high rate of speed and the body was mostly a write-off.
Purchase +1
John Near MD USA
For Sale 1976/06 $1500 Engine only
Alan G. Tyler MD USA
Parted Out 2001/12/02 Various parts of 5033 scattered about shop
Dew Motorcars, Inc. VA USA
Engine Engine stamped 5033 (in 250 GTE 4799) is actually from 5815 per internal motor number.

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