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Forward Email to User

In order to maintain privacy of the users and to prevent unnecessary email spam, all email is forwarded through the registry.

An email will be forwarded providing:

  1. You are either a registered owner of a 330GT or requesting to contact the seller of a car listed on the For Sale page.  In the latter case, it may be expedient to use other forms of contact, such as the seller's website or eBay listing.

  2. The message concerns 330GT matters.

To create an email to be forwarded, click here. Do not change the subject line.

If your email application does not support email creation from a web page, then you can email your message to Forward (at) 330gt.com.  The subject line must be:
Forward to User

Once your email is received, you will get an automatic reply.  Then the email will be inspected and forwarded if appropriate.  This process may take up to a week.