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Advertisements, Postcards and other Items

The only 330 America advertisement I've ever seen

Press Release February 1967

330 GT Series 1 Advertisement from L'Automobile, illustrated by Claude Roche
"The fastest comfort in the world ... the thoroughbred ... but flexible and comfortable.
The joy of driving in the most absolute relaxation and safety."

From a French magazine

From a 1964 French magazine

From a 1964 French magazine

From a 1966 French magazine

From Moteurs 1964 March/April issue
Franco Britannic - Autos ad

Franco Britannic - Autos Series 2 ad

Another early Advertisement

Advertisement for Carrozzeria G. Michelotti - SN 6109

Old picture in a modern ad
Ferodo ad

In 1964, Automobile Quarterly held a sweepstakes where the first prize was a new 330 GT.

From a 1965 Swiss publication
Pininfarina and Connolly Ad from Autocar, May 22, 1964
From TIME International, Aug. 19, 1966 - SN 6597

These are pictures from Pininfarina's annual #7 from 1966

330 GT Series 1 Post Cards

330 GT Series 2 Post Card

330 GT Series 2 at Jetée Thiers, Arcachon, France Post Card
330 GT Series 2 at Costa Del Cilento, Italy Post Card

SN 7225
330 GT Series 1 Collector Cards
330 GT Series 2 Collector Cards

SN 5561
330 America and GT Collector Cards
Metal Plaque from Mobil Oil in France

Japanese NTT Telephone Card
SN 5769

Green 330 GT Poster
35x52 cm (~14x21")

Refrigerator Magnet - SN 6363

Refrigerator Magnet - SN 8855