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330 GT Registration Form

This form is used to supply information about any Ferrari 330 GT (America, 4 or 2 headlight, Special or Rebodied) car.  The information is used to update the registry of 330 GT cars that hopefully will eventually document each individual car.

If you don't want to fill out an online form, please click for a print version that can be mailed.

After the form is submitted, you will receive an email to confirm the information.  At that time you can reply and attach pictures if desired.

Please provide the following information (bold fields are required):

Serial Number     How to find it?
Engine Serial Number    How to find it?
Internal Engine Number    How to find it?
Pininfarina Body Number     How to find it?
Original Body Type America
2 Headlight
4 Headlight
Steering Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive
US/European Specifications European  How to tell the difference?
Paint Color
Original Paint Color
Leather Color
Original Leather Color
Carpet Color
Original Carpet Color
Transmission 4 Speed w/Overdrive
5 Speed
Wheels Wire   Alloy
Windows Power Manual 
Factory OptionsA/C P/S  Other
Registration Plate Number  Location    
Record TypePublish?
Current Owner

Purchase Information
How dates can be entered

Date    Mileage km   mi   
Price $  

Current InformationDo you own the car now?    Mileage  
Street Address
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Zip/Postal Code
Last Previous Owner  
Previous Purchase Information

Date Price $  Mileage

Second Previous Owner   
Previous Purchase Information

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Third Previous Owner 
Previous Purchase Information

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Original Owner 
Original Purchase Information

Date Price $  Mileage

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Additional comments such as special information about the car:

By submitting this form, you are allowing this information to be published on the Ferrari 330 GT registry website.  If the Publish box is checked then the associated information will be published.  If it is not checked, that that information will not appear on the website, i.e. kept private.

Note, at times, this form will give an error that it did not work.  However, it usually does.  So if you get an error, wait a few days and if you do not get an email that it was processed, please use the Contact page to ask if it was received.