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Production Changes Form

This form is designed to help figure out exactly when Ferrari and Pininfarina made certain changes during the production run of 330 GT cars.  Please fill it out and click the submit button at the bottom.  It may help to print this form out and take it with you when you look at your car to see which options apply.

The Bold Fields are required.  If you cannot determine the proper selection or some non-standard component is fitted, please just select one of the options and then explain the issue in the comments field.

Note, each small picture can be clicked on for a full screen view.

     Pininfarina Body Number         Where to find these?


Engine Mounting  


 4 bolt engine mounts   2 bolt engine mounts



Heater Valve


 Heater valve at front of engine   Heater valve at rear of engine


Oil Filter Block


 Single oil filter on engine with            Dual oil filter block

 by-pass filter connected by hoses


Alternator Mounting

 Pulley in front on  Pulley at rear on

 right side of engine      left side of engine


Fuse Panel                       
12 fuse panel           14 fuse panel      16 fuse panel


Air Conditioning Mounting (if installed)

Pulleys in front         Pulleys at rear


 40 DFI 40 DFI 240 DCZ/6


Air Cleaner   
 Oval                       With air inlets




 2 vent metal dash    2 vent wood dash          3 vent dash without trip odometer3 vent dash with trip odometer

                                                                               reset and dimmer through dash          reset and dimmer through dash


Windshield Wiper Control


 Windshield wiper control    Windshield wiper control   Windshield wiper stalk

  mounted in dash                       mounted in console                 mounted on steering column


Backup (Reverse) Light        
530 Marchal         540 Marchal               Carello (twin)


Comments - please use to clarify or add any other unusual features