330 GT Registry

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Windshield Wiper System

Wiper arm, blade and washer nozzle

Wiper arm - 13"

Wiper blade - Trico 14"


Wiper motor - 6WA

NOS wiper motor
Note the gray hammered paint.

Wiper Motor - 6 wire


Overload thermal switch

Coiled spring wire cable

Wiper wheel box

Wiper wheel box trim

Windshield Washer System

Washer bag - liter

Washer bag cap

Washer bag strainer

Washer bag wording

Washer nozzle (2 styles)

Washer nozzle - style 1

Washer nozzle - style 2

Cavis tubing 7MM OD

Cavis tubing 3.5 MM OD

Tubing splitter (not OEM)

Tubing grommet
Primary bag location for
cars with dual brake boosters

Alternate bag location for
cars with dual brake boosters
Cars with single brake
booster, hung on hooks on
battery hold down, between
battery and fuse box cover
4HL Foot Pump

2HL VDO electric pumps