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The trunk area is carpeted with 9 pieces of carpeting.  Three are glued and tucked into the trunk lid itself.  One is snapped (four snaps) onto the spare tire cover.  This one has a padding piece.  Two are glued to the inside of the fender wells and come up and around the taillights.  There are two glued to cardboard pieces that are screwed to each side of the latch.  The last is glued to the wall at the front of the trunk.  This also has two snaps that allow access to the plate surrounding the fuel filler pipe to the fuel tank.

The spare tire cover is made from hardboard and is hinged to the body by three hinges.  On the underside there is a rubber strap that hangs from a catch on the trunk lid.  This keeps the cover up and out of the way when accessing the spare tire.  On each rear corner there is a stud that clips into spring clips riveted to the body.  This keeps the cover from rattling.

The trunk light is mounted near the lock mechanism and is actuated by a switch mounted to the body near the trunk hinges.  The grounding is dependent on the hinge and hinge bolts making good electrical contact.

The tail lights are covered by a molded plastic finisher.  Once the nuts are removed, the tail light assembly to be is free to be removed from the outside.

Spare tire cover (Series 2)Spare tire cover catchSpare tire cover strapSpare tire cover hinge (3)
Spare tire hold downLightLightSwitch
Latch bar w/leather trimStrutRubber trimHinge and rubber plug
Carpet in fender wellCarpetCarpetCarpet
Tail light finisherCarpet pileSpare tire cover clip (Series 2)Antenna