330 GT Registry

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Door lock
Trunk lock 
Fuel cap lock (Series I)  
Glove box slide lock
(Up to ~6200)
Glove box push button lock
(After ~6200)
Fuel cap lever lock (Series II)
Ignition lock in dash
Note, cars with the old 2 vent dash
using a column lock had a F (fog)
switch in place of this ignition switch (even if no fog lights were fitted)
Ignition lock on column


TypeBlankPictureAlternate Blank
Ignition - in dash?  
Ignition - steering columnILCO H61VRCurtis AA-1, AA1
Dominion H61VR
Silca NE9A
Taylor S76S
Glove box - sliding?  
Glove box - push button
Same as trunk key
ILCO LN4Dominion GT1
Fuel lid release - exterior
Two different keyways


Dominion SF1
Taylor F72Y
Curtis FT35
Silca AF4A

Dominion  SF2
Taylor F72X
Curtis FT34

Fuel lid release - interior?  
DoorILCO R61GDominion  R61G
Taylor R63R
Curtis FT5
Silca AF3A
TrunkILCO LN4Dominion GT1