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Italver Paint Colors


These are paint samples for some of the original colors available for a new 330 GT.  The chips are from a late 60s Pininfarina paint chip set, but most of the colors are the same.


95.2991 Arancio Vaguely Noble

2.662.016 Avorio The Tetrarch

Azzurro Gladiateur 

2.443.648/106-A-32 Azzurro Hyperion

95.3.6159 Blu Ortis

2.443.631 Blu Ribot

2.443.625 Celeste Gainsborough

95.3.2643 Giallo My Swallow

2.443.625 Grigio Argento Le Sancy 

2.443.931 Grigio Mahmoud

2.443.221 Marrone Colorado

Nero Dark Ronald 

2.443.214 Oro Kelso

95.9273 Rosso Nearco

95.3.9301 Rosso Sir Ivor

Verde Medio Niyinsky

Verde Pino Blenheim

Verde Seabird