330 GT Registry

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Heating System

Heat valve control

Heater controls

Main heater valve
Front location, early engines

Main heater valve
Rear location, late engines

Heater valve rubber

Heater valve parts

Manual valve right side

Manual valve left side

Heater box

Heater box

Heater fan

Heater Vent Hose and Clip

Heater Fan to Vent Hose Adaptor
Front Defroster

The left control is for the defroster,
up for floor heat,
down (yellow dot) for defroster,
hey, it's an Italian car.

Duct locations

LH and L middle ducts

RH duct

Rear Defroster

4HL circulating fan

2HL defroster embedded in window

Very fine heat lines run from the silver base wire to the top of the window.