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Grease Fittings

All of these pictures are from the RH side of the car if applicable.  Note, plastic caps (non-OEM) have been added to keep the fittings cleaner (from McMaster-Carr).  All of the Zerk fittings are standard metric 8x1mm, available at any good auto parts store.

king pin
Note, the original Zerk fitting was straight.
A right angle one is much easier to grease.

steering idler arm

tie rod end

upper inner A arm pin

lower inner A arm pin

upper outer A arm pin

lower outer A arm pin

front spring bucket pin (front)

front spring bucket pin (rear)

rear spring shackle forward end

rear spring shackle rear end

drive shaft forward end plug

drive shaft forward end
with extension screwed in

drive shaft rear end

drive shaft universal joint
Note, this one has been replaced with a sealed

accelerator shaft