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There are a number of decals, stickers and plates on various parts of a 330 GT.  Of course, nothing is for sure in this area and I welcome more information.

The exterior emblems are pretty well known, but for the sake of completeness, I've included them.

Front Emblem

Ferrari Script on Trunk

Pininfarina Script and 2 piece Emblem with Crown
Series 1

Pininfarina Script and 1 piece Emblem with Crown
Series 2

Rear Script on the America

Gas Filler Emblem
Radio.jpg (140982 bytes)
Crossed flags with radio
Console.jpg (58129 bytes)
Crossed flags without radio

The ash tray has a much small version of the cross flags on it.
Note the difference in the flag types from the larger ones above.
MVC-730X.JPG (188314 bytes)
I've seen some seat belts that have a Ferrari emblem glued on them.
Probably not original since Ferrari did not offer seat belts as an option.