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Decals and Stickers

There are a number of decals and stickers on various parts of a 330 GT.  Of course, nothing is for sure in this area and I welcome more information.



The brake booster unit has a sticker on the top.

The Series 1 cars had dual boosters made by Bonaldi.

BrakeBoosterLabel.JPG (167117 bytes)
4 speed - Bonaldi

Kilimanjaro Designs

With the introduction of the 5 speed transmission in the interim model and continued for the Series 2, Ferrari changed to a single booster made by Dunlop.
5 speed - Dunlop C84

Kilimanjaro Designs

Late in the Series 2 production starting with 9083, Ferrari changed again, to a booster made by Bonaldi.  This was finished in gold cadmium.
Late 5 speed (gold cadmium Bonaldi VAC)

Kilimanjaro Designs

The power steering pump (if so equipped) has two stickers on it.

PSPumpLabel.JPG (157644 bytes)

Marco Piehl

 PSPumpLabel1.JPG (132207 bytes)

Marco Piehl

The windshield bag has a silk screened logo on it.  Hopefully your logo is in better shape than mine.

WasherBag.JPG (103475 bytes)

Search eBay for a washer bag

The ignition coils have stickers on them.

Kilimanjaro Designs

The fuel filter at the rear near the fuel tank has a decal on it.

RearGasFilter.JPG (191033 bytes)

Kilimanjaro Designs

Late 330 GTs (>~8800) have a Bendix electric fuel pump which has a sticker on it.

Kilimanjaro Designs

The rear window with the electrical defroster wires embedded in the glass has this label silk screened on it.

Kilimanjaro Designs

The paint label is located in the trunk centered between the two hinges on the body.  The paint code was hand written into the Prodotto field by a ball point pen.

Note, PPG bought Italver ~1965, but evidently Pininfarina kept using the Italver stickers until mid 1966.

On 8771

PaintLabel.jpg (195419 bytes)
On 8855

Italian Car Parts

Kilimanjaro Designs

The Borrani wire wheels have stickers on them.

Kilimanjaro Designs

GTO Engineering

Inside the car, there are little round dots at the top and bottom of the heater controls.

Note, the blue and red dots were not introduced until S/N 6293.

HeaterControls.JPG (162173 bytes)

Local office supply

Exhaust decals

Ferrari used various makers for the exhaust during the 330 GT production. Through ~6800 were Abarth, ~6800-~8400 were Spacem, with those after ~8400 being from Ceretto.

The Spacem exhaust had no decals.

Abarth stickers 

Kilimanjaro Designs

Ceretto decal on 330 GTC Speciale 9439

Kilimanjaro Designs

ANSA mufflers were never OEM on 330 GTs.  Ferrari changed to ANSA with the introduction of the Daytona in 1968, including getting replacements for earlier cars from ANSA.

The ANSA exhaust pipes have a sticker on each side for a total of four.

Kilimanjaro Designs

There are three stickers on the exhaust cans as delivered from ANSA.  They are from a NOS exhaust for a GTE.  Of course, these will get hot and eventually drop or get scraped off.

Note, this ANSA shield is much larger than the one for the chrome tips.

A. J. Obara

The Koni shocks have a sticker on each for a total of four.

Kilimanjaro Designs

GTO Engineering

There is a sticker on the jack in the toolkit.  This is for the blue jack, not for the yellow jack supplied with late models.

The yellow jack had no stickers.

Kilimanjaro Designs

There are two stickers on the voltage regulator.

Kilimanjaro Designs


Kilimanjaro Designs

There are numbers on the distributor caps.  Note, both caps are numbered 1-6, not 1-6 and 7-12.

Kilimanjaro Designs

Download Word file to make your own
Courtesy of Lowell Brown

The battery would have the manufacture's sticker on the side.  The build sheet specifies exactly which battery came with the car.  In general, cars through ~5500 used Baroclem, ~5500-~6100 used Magneti Marelli, ~6100-~8300 used Safa 6SFS4 and after~ 8300 used Safa 6SNS5.

Stickers from Kilimanjaro Designs
Batteries from Restoration Battery

Magneti Marelli Sticker
GTO Engineering

Pirelli hose stickers

One on the upper radiator hose, a couple each on the heater hoses.

Radiator hose

Heater hose

Kilimanjaro Designs

GTO EngineeringP

Pirelli fuel hose sticker
On the hose from the filler pipe to the tank inlet.  Note, this is from a Series 2 car (9667 owned by Buddy Obara).

Here are some original dealer stickers

Crepaldi - Milano

Pozzi - Paris
VECAR - Rome
Lowe - Australia