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Build Sheet

Up to sometime in 1968, Ferrari would fill out a six page sheet on every car.  This detailed all of the major parts with serial numbers as applicable that were put on the car at the factory.  In addition, any observations by the mechanics or drivers during the build or testing phases were entered.  There was also a section for the Dynometer readings when the engine was tested.

You notice that I say build sheet, not build sheets.  That is because the original factory build sheet was one large piece of paper, the size of three A4 pages.  The three of the pages were from one side and the other three from the reverse.  So it was truly a sheet!  The sixth page was usually blank, being reserved for overhauling and revision comments.  Frequently when the factory supplied a build sheet copy, the Dynometer page was either missing or the numbers blanked out.  They did not supply the Dynometer figures since Ferrari was usually over-enthusiastic with the performance numbers in the sales literature.

Luigi Chinetti (US concessionaire) would produce his own build sheet, similar the the factory one using the factory data.  It would also be six pages, but with two comment pages and no Dynometer page.  In addition, Chinetti would leave out information that he didn't want his US customers to know.  The other major change was that the nomenclature was in both Italian and English.

Recently, I saw another build sheet version.  This was an eight page sheet, four pages per side.  It and a similar one were supplied by the factory to the owner of a Boana and PF Coupe in the early 70s.  The pages are:
One side:
Left page: Revisions and Aggiornamenti
Next page: Revisions and Aggiornamenti
Next page: Revisions and Aggiornamenti
Right page: Cover page w/Ferrari horse
Reverse side:
Left page: Foglio Montaggio Motore  (Motor page)
Next page: Relarioge Sala Prova (Dynometer page)
Next page: Foglio Montaggio Cambio and Foglio Montaggio Ponte (Transmission and Differential page)
Right page: Foglio Montaggio Antotelaio (Running Gear page)

I've taken the build sheet for SN 8617 and translated the Italian text for each field.  Just click on each thumbnail to see a page.  Then hover your mouse over any field to see the English translation.

Title PageMotor PageDynometer PageTransmission &
Differential Page
Running Gear Page

Note, the pages are formatted for 1024 pixels wide.  I apologize for those using lower resolution monitors, but I wanted to keep the clarity up by not shrinking the page.  When viewed full screen on a high resolution monitor, one can read and just scroll down the page.

My English translations are questionable at best.  These were done using an Italian-English dictionary along with looking up the part number or name in the parts book as needed so I could see what the part looked like in the diagram.

Several fields have question marks for the translation or as part of the translation.  Please contact me if you know the proper translation or if I have an error on any of the fields.