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Ferrari 1965 Yearbook

The 1965 Ferrari yearbook had many pictures of 330 GT cars in it from all over the world.  My favorite is the one from Australia with the 'roo' in it.  Click on any picture for a large view.

MI A46807

Alexandro Onassis

Note the New Jersey plate


Roo in Australia

Christian Dior Presentation

Note the Talbot mirror on the fender

Geneva Auto Show

330 GT SN 6767

Gino Paoli, visit to Maranello

Helge Pehrsson, Stockholm, Sweden

Johannesburg, South Africa

Madrid, Spain

Melbourne Auto Show

330 GT SN 6203

Milano, Italy

330 GT SN 6667

New York, USA

Shipping to New York, USA

Toyko, Japan

Vienna, Austria